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Farm sheds and industrial buildings at the best price

Discover our cost-effective kit buildings for farming and industry. Our clients use them for various uses: agricultural sheds, storage warehouse, cattle stall, industrial units, etc.


Steel buildings: a tour in the factory and our logistic base!

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Our cost effective steel building concept is the solution for your various building needs:

steel buildings

Free galvanisation of your steelwork 

It is wise to go for a 100% hot-dip galvanised steelwork, because galvanisation protects your industrial buildings from rusting for at least 80 years.

There is no need for paint nor any special treatment for your farm sheds. What is more, the galvanisation of your steelwork is free of charge! 

"Easy to erect, Impressive design" (Mr. Hall - Langley UK)


Always choose high quality steel buildings:

All of our kit buildings dedicated to UK are CE-marked.
Benefit from one of the best insurance for your metal shed.


The anti-crisis solution for your kit building projects! 

The steel framing kit option is just the smartest choice for your farming equipment storage, or your husbandry activities. However, due to abounding solutions currently in the market, it is wise to go for a simple, strong, easy to erect and cost effective farm sheds and industrial buidlings.